Help us inspire generations of female future leaders!

It takes an incredible amount of people, time and resources to organize an event of this magnitude, and at the rate we’re growing we’re always short on all three! Aside from our official partnership categories, we’re always looking for cash and in-kind community contributions of any size, that will help towards the event and keep it free for everyone. We recognize these important donations in various ways, and you can feel good knowing you helped a great event become even better!

Aside from cash donations, what else do we need? The list is exhaustive, but here are some examples: food for our volunteers, waste and recycling services, consumables to help our fundraising kitchen, computers, Internet service, office supplies, advertising, social media support, printing & signage, tents, propane, fuel, transportation, accommodation, volunteer rewards and so on.

Our greatest expense involves the free first time flights for women and girls - we’d love to be able to offer more flights! Would you, your group or your business like to sponsor a helicopter for an hour, a day or even the entire event? Or perhaps you would like to help out with the cost of fuel? Do you know of someone with a helicopter (3+ passenger capacity) and pilot willing to donate their time and aircraft?

If you'd like to help, or would like more information about our needs, please contact us! And if you have some time, we always need more volunteers - you can find out more at:

Thank you for your support!

Kirsten Brazier, Founder